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B & N Partner

Specialists in painting and plastering

The house is the place where we have the bulk of our lives to spend. It is for most people the biggest investment of their lives. Regular maintenance of the property provides a pleasant living environment, but is also important for the market value and marketability of the property ..

For offices and other buildings is the same, in addition to maintaining the economic value gives an attractive appearance of the environment yourself and your employees also enjoy to work! A perfect state of repair miss his positive impact on your customers either.

Painting and plastering are among the most important maintenance tasks. Your home or building deserves the best treatment. Who takes care of that for you?

B & N Partner provides work of high quality and set guaranteed satisfaction at an affordable price.

B & N Partner has painting and plastering to its core activities. It set ourselves the highest standards of perfection.


B & N Partner provides all your painting for construction and maintenance

Newly built houses

Large or small new paints B & N Partner using the most durable materials. The material of the surface: wood, metal, brick and concrete or stone requires careful inspection and selection of appropriate treatment. Professional performed respraying is possible.



Good painting begins with a thorough preparation of the substrate. After inspection of the project or decide we fully necessary permits, or thoroughly barns while retaining a portion of the previous layers of paint specific processes. B & N Partner repair cracks and holes with high-quality and durable material. At least two layers primer form the basis for the final varnish, which we so often make that complete coverage has been attained.

Renovation and Restoration

B & N Partner is very well aware of the requirements of the renovation and restoration painting. It is one of the most difficult but also grateful taken to antique buildings and monuments with modern equipment to the ancient appearance. Our experience in this work is long-term, comprehensive and warrants result of the highest level. Any necessary small carpentry, masonry, tiling and provide us, while we work for greater contact with trusted colleagues in those fields.



B & N Partner is your partner in plastering for inside and outside.


We are experts in repairing ceilings. Do you have a ceiling with antique ornaments and special lists? We not only repair cracks professionally, but also restore ornaments. Want walls with wallpaper change in stucco, with a special paint. We fix the substrate and placing a perfect surface.



For B & N Partner is next to quality above all sustainability of the work carried out a guiding requirement. This requires the use of good quality material, especially Sikkens, and the most advanced techniques necessary. In consultation with you set B & N Partner of cost, which materials will be used, of course, price plays a role.

We work with our own tools, stepladders and scaffolding. For outside, we have our own building quay.

Advice and Request

B & N Partner carries out assignments for individuals and businesses.

Thorough exploration of the object and intensive consultation with the client, the necessary preparation for the launch of a tender. If desired, advises B & N Partner on the color combinations.

About time of commencement and completion and operation makes clear B & N Partner agreements. We discuss how tasks with the least possible inconvenience can be done. With you, the developer, we inspect the final result. For us, this contract until ready when you are satisfied in all respects.


When an initial contract to the satisfaction is returned B & N Partner can choose a multi-annual plan for maintenance and / or repair of your real estate plan with a preliminary estimate of its costs.